Work places

  • Gyaan Mangalam
  • Jan Mangalam
  • Krishi Mangalam
  • Jal Mangalam
  • Arogya Mangalam

• Gyaan Mangalam

> Education stimulates unity, group work and human moral values. Children in Khoba have to walk for 25km to go for studies after 5th grade which is a point of concern as perNeelambhai and consequently he focused on education to be made available locally.
> Free education is provided even to the children of nearby villages.
> LCT works as catalyst between locals and govt. in implementing Govt.schemes.
> The work on wakefulness among locals about laws of RTE & RTI.
> Assistance in Youth skill development program and organizing education camps
> To spread the wisdom thoughts of Gandhiji in schools and colleges by
> General awareness to adult as well as elderly people.

Jan Mangalam

> To develop the society with the help of communication among locals and state officials.
> To fasten the program on women’s rights.
> To develop and run activities by creating teams of Youth Saving
Association and Women Saving association

Krishi Mangalam

> To reach farmers in terms of information on variety of crops through Krishivigyan program
> Farmer’s camp
> Supply of Seed distribution kit
> To help provide irrigation equipments
> Natural fertilizers are used such as worms and dung compost fertilizer
> Distribution of Vegetable plants

Jal Mangalam

> Check dams are constructed with the help of govt. to conserve water,
> Development of small reservoirs and raw check dams with help of LCT
> Borewell, well, expansion of reservoirs are done by LCT with help of govt. and other govt. water schemes such as construction of underground tanks are done by govt.
> Water tanks and taps are provided to supply drinkable water
> Protection of local water source

Arogya Mangalam

> Prohibition on consumption of alcohol with the help of Gram Panchayat.
> Organizing Blood donation camp
> About 300 surgical operations were assisted by LCT
> Therapeutic programs for eliminating diseases.
> Has opened 6 more heathcare centers for basic treatments
> Information of family planning
> Organizing yoga camps
> Steps to mitigate Malnutrition
> Special care for anemic patients
> Provisions for pregnant women